Our Servie - サービス内容

  • Personal Development and Self-Improvement Courses (Online)
  • Online Language Courses
  • Courses to Awaken Secred Female Energy (in Bellevue, WA or Online)
  • Kototama, Ototama and Jomon Workshops (Online)
  • Japanese Culture and History Courses ("Yamato Kotoba Mythology," "Relaxing Tea Time") in Bellevue, WA or Online)
  • Educational Activities to Improve World Peace, Human Rights, and the Environment (Non-Profit, Volunteer Activities)


  • 自己研鑽・自己啓発講座  Online
  • オンライン語学講座
  • 女性エネルギーを開花させる講座 in Bellevue, WA or Online
  • 言霊、音霊ワークショップ Online
  • 日本文化と歴史関連講座(「やまと言葉神話」「ほっと一服茶」)in Bellevue, WA or Online
  • 平和、人権、環境をよくするための啓蒙活動(非営利,ボランティア活動) 


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